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Thursday, September 2, 2010

a wee ball dropping

yep... that sounds bad. but, that is me!!
not doing super on this challenge thing... did really good taking a picture every day for a week and then kind of puttered out on it... need to get working on it again!!! here are a few of the photos that i did take... i have more, but i am just going to load them bit by bit so that the eye candy is spread out :) me and my wingtips, those shoes are fantastic. i have had them for a very long time, they are comfortable. one of my favorite brands of shoes, by far.. the heels are to die for!! check them out... tuk

my tricked out makeup case. ok, it is not really that color.. just messing with the photo editing... the stickers are a green/purple combination, kind of like that spiffy color changing paint.

i do... i really do. secretly, i wish i could be one. why do you think i wear so much eyeliner? haha

betsey johnson... heart heart heart. favorite bag.

por vida!!!!! love having her hanging up in my room, so huge and obnoxious

ALSO, speaking of ball dropping... my buddy Sherrie, who just got two little kittens this summer (from two different sources, mind you) and thought that they were girls... surprise! they are both boys. One is named Jessie, which I guess isn't too terrible... the other is named Khloe... hmm, shall they be stuck with the girly names?? Photos and updates to follow.

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