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Sunday, March 11, 2012

pipsqueak :)

first, today is my sweet baboo's 24th birthday!!! woohoo happy birthday honey!!!! looking forward to making it great! more on this later...

most of all, i just wanted to pop on in and share this little tidbit. recently, a friend of a friend, who is a photographer, asked me to make her a custom hat to have on hand for newborn shoots! i just got a little peek of one of the pictures.. CAN'T WAIT until she gets the rest of them edited so i can see more of this adorable newborn!!!!!!

you can check out more of anne's amazing photos here on her facebook fan page! she is doing great things!!! and i have a little shoot planned with her tomorrow, so can't wait to share that fun as well!! i just hope that the weather will brighten up some for the outdoor portion.

i shall dub thee... the "pipsqueak" hat!!! i am working on having backups of these cute little long night caps in the for sale pile. i will be offering them in this option, as well as a bright pink/white combination... for now. eventually i will be getting into the neutrals, but i just want to see how well they go first. they will be offered in newborn size only.. and you will have the option of a braid on the end (pictured... kind of hard to see but probably will be able to see it in further pictures) or a pom pom!!! yay for cute babies!!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

a little late

just having a little friday night wind-down, enjoying a glass of two buck chuck, and uploading some photos to print!! figured i would drop a line while i was on here. my computer is a TANK and i rarely ever use it anymore, because i can accomplish most of the things that i need to while i am at work (bad girl, i know..) or from my phone!

anyhow, this post is about a little bit of valentine's fun that was had!! The ever so lovely Berta had a fun valentine making get together at her house... you can read more about it and check our projects and photos over here on her fabulous blog!

while i was at her house, i snapped a couple of quick pics with one of the fun retro lenses on my phone.
the cutest display of yummies that i have ever seen in my life!

yes, i do LOVE it!!!

well, more soon. i'm getting to being more organized and keeping my blog ideas in a notebook, so that i can be more active on here!

Monday, January 2, 2012

happy happy new year!

hoping everyone had a warm and wonderful holiday season! i know that we did.

so.. i'm not super good with resoultions or anything. but i definitely need to keep up with things.. stop leaving things to the last minute. i tend to forget to photograph my crafty adventures, and i really always forget to blog. but.. i'm hoping, no more!!!
just a little peek at our cute little treesock monkey ornament? hilarious.

my pink puffleball that i bought at joann's this year? also hilarious. i don't know why... but i had to get itchuck wasn't super happy that we were messing with him... grumpy...

stayed super busy being an elf and crafting everyone's gifts... these were my first attempt at socks, for my mama!!! i love love looooooove this slow striping yarn!! it is mini mochi yarn in "neptune".. i think i am obsessed!! i want to buy the "intense rainbow" for myself!!

and what do you know... my baby bought me a SUPER SWEET BICYCLE!!! WOOOO!!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

expo loot

last weekend my sister and i went to sacramento to visit the scrapbook expo.
got to love having a little sister trip and spending some money!! honestly i haven't really been scrapbook shopping, since i haven't been productive with it. an embellishment here, a little "thinking of you" gift from my sister there.. haven't really had a shopping "blowout" since the last expo in march. but it is a great way to find deals. here are some of the things i scored on.. (pardon the bad quality camera phone photos)
free reusable totes to stash my loot in? yes please!

ADORABLE paper from pinecone press

wow.. just wow. i love these. some bits and pieces of paper collections from pink paislee

some always fun goodies from eyelet outlet

.99 cent bling anyone!? yes please!!! from want 2 scrap

goodies goodies goodies from queen&co!

okay, i SO love these. and i can find a lot more uses for them other than scrapping! picked these up at the tall mouse booth

if you haven't noticed already, i can't really argue with the dollar embellies. these ones were from the scrapbuck booth.

ok. i forget where i got these from. but $3 for these rad inkadinkado stamps! i would've paid it just for the sugar skull one!

ok and these autumn leaves stamp sets that i picked up for $1 a set!? normally i would say no because i wasn't in love with the WHOLE set, but come on.. a buck!

picked up some fun thickers, 4 for $10! come on now this is the only way to shop! and aren't you just in love with the ones on top!?

this is some of that rhinestone ribbon stuff, i kept seeing sprinkled about the place... i don't know what i am going to do with it yet, but i am determined. if anyone has any ideas/projects let me know! i'd love some feedback.

i picked up WAYYYY more stuff than i showed here... and honestly the day was kind of a blur, i can't remember where i got everything from. some of the other great booths that we visited included cozy's scrapbooking, dollar scrapbooking, krazy kreations, sei, scrapmart,and scrapbook grammie, just to include all the ones that i remember!

Friday, September 23, 2011

mother daughter date

lately i have been enjoying a new schedule. two days off in a week, allows me much more creative time!! it has only been two weeks on this schedule and so far i am loving it.

yesterday, i had a great little lunch and shopping date with my mother. we decided to set out to wander nearby towns one by one, and find new things to do out of the ordinary :) this time, we went to sebastopol. i took my mom to a little gem that a friend of mine introduced me to... an all craft supply thrift shop, Legacy ! probably one of my new favorite places.. fabric galore!!! depending on the type it ranges between $1 and $3 a POUND! load on up!!! there are large cuts of pretty much anything you could imagine, as well as bins full of color coordinated scraps. shelves full of yarn, old patterns, notions and findings, buttons, you name it!!! every time i go there i load up for cheap!!! on my first trip, i got a bag stuffed full of random goodies for $5. this last time that i went with my mother, i spent a whopping $12. the volunteers there are so friendly and fun.. one of the regular thursday gals just cracks me up!!! definitely worth a visit if you are ever in the area, or if you need to offload some of your craft supplies that you just don't know what to do with, definitely go and donate them!!

the next stop on our tour was to Balls and Skeins, an adorable little knitting store just a block or two down the road!!! This was our first time there and i have to say, i love it. the lady working, unfortunately i did not catch her name, was very kind and helpful. i have to say that i love when i can go into a higher end craft-type store, and regardless of my crazy hair and tattoos, that they treat me nicely and like an equal. this is a challenge that i knew i had set for myself in life, but it truly blows me away when i can go into a little shop like this and be treated as a serious knitter!! while we were there, i picked out this fun, fuzzy black and white twisted yarn. project in mind? why, yes!!! days before while i was in Cast Away (the local yarn shop which happens to be right across the street from my work) shopping for yarn to make xmas presents with (yes i am sick and twisted and starting those already...) i saw a beauuuuutiful cowl laid out all nicely, which said that they had the pattern available. as soon as i saw this black and white yarn at Balls and Skeins, i knew that i wanted to go back and get that cowl pattern and make it with this to produce a unique effect!!! and let me tell you, i am VERY picky about cowls... they always feel too thick or bulky or like they are too tight or choking me, etc. but this one at the shop... glorious. i am halfway through this project hehe!!!! sneak peek? yes of course!!

i will share a better, more high resolution photo of it when it is all done and blocked and lovely. sooooooo soft!!! i love the way that it is turning out and it has been an easy knit so far, seeing as how i just started it late yesterday evening! you can just call me quickdraw.

we ended our little trip with a bite to eat at the newly opened gypsy cafe on main street in sebastopol, and of course a trip to screamin mimis!!! you cannot go to/through sebastopol without making a stop here, the ice cream is so ridiculously good!!!! mmmmm!!!!

next months stop... healdsburg? petaluma? windsor? who knows where these things will take us. all of these have little hidden fabric stores that we are all ready to check out!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

so i should be working, but...

instead, i am drooling over things online!!!! aaaaaaaaaaah i want this dress from Modcloth!!!! payday happens to be friday... think i am going to have to make a purchase!!! :)

just ordered some fabulously cute business cards for my little side business, expecting them in about a week.... there is a LOT of crafty goodness going on right now... gearing up for all of the fall time car show booth collaborations with my dear dear bestie Anna from Mama Kat Kustoms as well as her talented husband El Joe who is a pin striper... exciting things to come. we will be selling at Billetproof in Antioch on the 17th of this month, as well as at the Swanx Fall Fiasco.. more information to come on that one!!! sneak peeks of my goodies to follow!

Friday, June 24, 2011

my year in phone photos (part two)

catch up part two!!!!! busy busy busy. tomorrow, i am off to a baby shower for a very dear cosmo school friend who i haven't seen in FOREVER!!!! on that note... fellow bloggers, don't you hate it when you have the perfect gift for someone, cute photos of it.. and you can't share it until after you give it to them?! I fear that she will see it. oh well... guess i can just load it up tomorrow afternoon! i have to love baby shopping!!! anyways..

so the rest of the year so far has been some..

green beer making (and drinking..)

scrapbook expo loot getting

craft room organizing

and organizing.. and organizing... and hoarding.. ehehe

fun, loose hair styling

random smurf hugging

hangin with my little chuckster

getting back to hair bow making

superfan themed knitting (specially made for ms kristen, seen here in photo)

and gorgeous hair extension giving. (photo= my beautiful friend danika)