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Monday, March 15, 2010


finally getting back into being, well semi-productive on my scrapbooking again.
have been working on my beauty school album lately,
it is way way huge... i've only been putting one photo per layout, i like doing that, but i am taking up so so much room! i already know that i will have to have a separate album just for my graduation photos, but now i am thinking i will need to separate out the ones from when i was in the freshman room into a separate album than when i was on the salon floor. eeeeek!!

i do my scrapbooking with my sister these days, at her house. the majority of my stuff is stored here, in my extremely small space, but i have shit spread out all over her house as well. i should take a picture of the mess i made in her spare room hahahahah!!!! and over half of the card table is just a mess of my stuff, and her side is all neat. so funny... she doesn't mind it if i come over regularly and scrap with her, but before this week i probably hadn't been over to scrap with her in like a month, so she called our mom to complain that i needed to come clean up my mess!!

well... sneaky peeky. i do probably have over 3o pages done in this album already, i just need to photograph them sometime when the lighting is right outside... but here are some quick camera phone photos of a couple of today's creations. i think i did 5 pages in total today, which is actually a lot for me, i normally do 1 or 2 then lose interest and run off into the other room to watch tv.
aw, this photo was taken the day before i graduated. lizzy and rissie, sittin at the break table. so much time was wasted just sitting at this table, sometimes sneaking out there allllll day, thus the title... hehe. mostly thanks to monique for the day she spent entirely outside hiding.

my shorties... sandra and rosa. despite some recent differences, i think that in the end these two will always be friends. they hit it off immediately, and then when i started i hit it off with them as well. so cute, little duckies.

well there you have it, some of the products of my mess for the day!!! yayyy!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

it's official

well, i got the job that i really really wanted!!!! yay!! i start on tuesday. i will be assisting at daredevils & queens salon, in historic railroad square.... yessss!!! it's a start... i need to get my foot in the door somewhere, and i really couldn't think of a better place to do it. the salon is very funky and young, and seems like a great fit for me. somewhere that i won't have to compromise who i am and cover my tattoos, just to get a paycheck, or not be judged.

for those who know me, i got my cosmetology license in july of last year, and haven't worked since. i need to learn so much more before i go out and rent a station or try and make commission. i feel like it'll be a great start to a new chapter in my life. here are some pictures that i took from their facebook page to share.. excellent!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

oh hi!

just a quick little pop in to say hello!
it is a beautiful day right now... going to try and enjoy it while it lasts!!
The last two days here have started out sunny and beautiful... Monday, I went inside the main building at work, and when I came back out 30 minutes later it was sunny, but raining. Haha my coworker said, "Theres only 6 clouds in the sky" and I told him "Yeah, but all of them are raining." Yesterday, same type of deal... Beautiful morning/early afternoon. I got dressed in my little sailor dress and leggings, and went off to a job interview... When I left there around 1:30 or so, it was still beautiful.. Came home, did some stuff around the house, looked back outside... cloudy, nasty, freezing... it felt like snow!! Ok, not that it snows here, but it has maybe one time for a minute haha.... it was just sooooooo cold and windy.

Anyways... Chuck and I just wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone. He says he is very excited for Easter, and for Alice in Wonderland. Ha! Funny little guy.... he is my little love!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

yes, indeed.

well, gonna try and get back into this blogging business, i miss it!! and sharing fun pictures. i have been up to some creative evils lately, hehe.

so i have this really bad habit of purchasing things, and then throwing the bag on the floor, and i end up with a big pile. yes i am messy. point being, i go to the craft store a lot with my sister, and i buy things, throw them in a bag, and then forget that i even bought them. recently i uncovered some loot and i am very happy about it!!!

some really sweet k&company that i got, some of it on clearance even!! hehe

i picked these up at beverly's crafts.... omfg, these are the cutest stickers that i have seen in a long, long time. now, i haven't been scrapbooking or scrapbook supply shopping for quite some time now.. but they are from a company that i have never heard of before. SO happy to have found new treats!!! Check out some of their other products, !!

and yes folks, here it is, my most evil of all evils... the knitted cupcake hat. so my mom tells me that snoop dogg sells cupcake hats on his website... don't ask me how my mother knew this, i am truly perplexed. but i figured, snoop dogg is a g, and he has these for sale, so why can't i?! so, i sat down and figured out how to do this for myself. I made this one with all scrap yarn from other projects, believe it or not. I am cranking out all different sizes and color combinations, and will be selling them. Even made an etsy shop! I can spend the summer making them and be ready by next winter hahah!! Yes!!! SO fun!! Will keep updated with pictures of new hats... My plan is to photograph all of them. They will all end up being very different, I am sure. Mary Mo's Cupcake Factory at your service!!!