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Sunday, March 11, 2012

pipsqueak :)

first, today is my sweet baboo's 24th birthday!!! woohoo happy birthday honey!!!! looking forward to making it great! more on this later...

most of all, i just wanted to pop on in and share this little tidbit. recently, a friend of a friend, who is a photographer, asked me to make her a custom hat to have on hand for newborn shoots! i just got a little peek of one of the pictures.. CAN'T WAIT until she gets the rest of them edited so i can see more of this adorable newborn!!!!!!

you can check out more of anne's amazing photos here on her facebook fan page! she is doing great things!!! and i have a little shoot planned with her tomorrow, so can't wait to share that fun as well!! i just hope that the weather will brighten up some for the outdoor portion.

i shall dub thee... the "pipsqueak" hat!!! i am working on having backups of these cute little long night caps in the for sale pile. i will be offering them in this option, as well as a bright pink/white combination... for now. eventually i will be getting into the neutrals, but i just want to see how well they go first. they will be offered in newborn size only.. and you will have the option of a braid on the end (pictured... kind of hard to see but probably will be able to see it in further pictures) or a pom pom!!! yay for cute babies!!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

a little late

just having a little friday night wind-down, enjoying a glass of two buck chuck, and uploading some photos to print!! figured i would drop a line while i was on here. my computer is a TANK and i rarely ever use it anymore, because i can accomplish most of the things that i need to while i am at work (bad girl, i know..) or from my phone!

anyhow, this post is about a little bit of valentine's fun that was had!! The ever so lovely Berta had a fun valentine making get together at her house... you can read more about it and check our projects and photos over here on her fabulous blog!

while i was at her house, i snapped a couple of quick pics with one of the fun retro lenses on my phone.
the cutest display of yummies that i have ever seen in my life!

yes, i do LOVE it!!!

well, more soon. i'm getting to being more organized and keeping my blog ideas in a notebook, so that i can be more active on here!