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Thursday, November 18, 2010

pin stripe me.

i am loving pin striping right now, and adding it to everyday items. i've tried my hand at it many a time, but i lack the steady hand, and the patience for it. so, i am happy that i know a few people who are really talented at this. all of the work features in this post was done by the very talented Mike Mead, check out some of his other work. he gets craaaaaazy with it!!

this is my wallet. a $7.50 steal, at forever 21. got it pin striped, gave it a whole new life... and the look of a much more expensive wallet! they charge so much for things like this at car shows!

he also took care of my good pal rosa's mixer.... neat, huh!!! bella is her daughter's name, but also the name of her new cupcake business.... Bella Cupcakes. check her out, become a fan, and give her some love as well. i've been lucky enough to taste test her pumpkin spice cupcakes...absolutely delicious, my mouth is watering just thinking about them. i was having a bad day when i ate one, but then when i remembered i ate that cupcake, it made me smile. and at $25 for 2 dozen of those bad boys, it is quite a steal. find her info below!!

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