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Friday, June 24, 2011

my year in phone photos (part two)

catch up part two!!!!! busy busy busy. tomorrow, i am off to a baby shower for a very dear cosmo school friend who i haven't seen in FOREVER!!!! on that note... fellow bloggers, don't you hate it when you have the perfect gift for someone, cute photos of it.. and you can't share it until after you give it to them?! I fear that she will see it. oh well... guess i can just load it up tomorrow afternoon! i have to love baby shopping!!! anyways..

so the rest of the year so far has been some..

green beer making (and drinking..)

scrapbook expo loot getting

craft room organizing

and organizing.. and organizing... and hoarding.. ehehe

fun, loose hair styling

random smurf hugging

hangin with my little chuckster

getting back to hair bow making

superfan themed knitting (specially made for ms kristen, seen here in photo)

and gorgeous hair extension giving. (photo= my beautiful friend danika)

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