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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

oh hi!

just a quick little pop in to say hello!
it is a beautiful day right now... going to try and enjoy it while it lasts!!
The last two days here have started out sunny and beautiful... Monday, I went inside the main building at work, and when I came back out 30 minutes later it was sunny, but raining. Haha my coworker said, "Theres only 6 clouds in the sky" and I told him "Yeah, but all of them are raining." Yesterday, same type of deal... Beautiful morning/early afternoon. I got dressed in my little sailor dress and leggings, and went off to a job interview... When I left there around 1:30 or so, it was still beautiful.. Came home, did some stuff around the house, looked back outside... cloudy, nasty, freezing... it felt like snow!! Ok, not that it snows here, but it has maybe one time for a minute haha.... it was just sooooooo cold and windy.

Anyways... Chuck and I just wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone. He says he is very excited for Easter, and for Alice in Wonderland. Ha! Funny little guy.... he is my little love!!

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