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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

yes, indeed.

well, gonna try and get back into this blogging business, i miss it!! and sharing fun pictures. i have been up to some creative evils lately, hehe.

so i have this really bad habit of purchasing things, and then throwing the bag on the floor, and i end up with a big pile. yes i am messy. point being, i go to the craft store a lot with my sister, and i buy things, throw them in a bag, and then forget that i even bought them. recently i uncovered some loot and i am very happy about it!!!

some really sweet k&company that i got, some of it on clearance even!! hehe

i picked these up at beverly's crafts.... omfg, these are the cutest stickers that i have seen in a long, long time. now, i haven't been scrapbooking or scrapbook supply shopping for quite some time now.. but they are from a company that i have never heard of before. SO happy to have found new treats!!! Check out some of their other products, !!

and yes folks, here it is, my most evil of all evils... the knitted cupcake hat. so my mom tells me that snoop dogg sells cupcake hats on his website... don't ask me how my mother knew this, i am truly perplexed. but i figured, snoop dogg is a g, and he has these for sale, so why can't i?! so, i sat down and figured out how to do this for myself. I made this one with all scrap yarn from other projects, believe it or not. I am cranking out all different sizes and color combinations, and will be selling them. Even made an etsy shop! I can spend the summer making them and be ready by next winter hahah!! Yes!!! SO fun!! Will keep updated with pictures of new hats... My plan is to photograph all of them. They will all end up being very different, I am sure. Mary Mo's Cupcake Factory at your service!!!

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