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Saturday, July 31, 2010

ice cream paint job

nothing super new or fun to report, i guess. just the regular lifestyle, keepin busy. gettin older. turned 24 on july 11, yippee.

i did, however, take up a fun project at the salon. while mr bossman was in the dr on vacation, i decided to give a makeover to our soda machine out back. people didn't think that it really worked, because it looked so ugly and run down. plus, i decided it could have just been way cuter. ummm.... well it was tagged up a little bit before, and then covered in.. house paint?? whattt...

after an afternoon, plus one morning of harsh chemicals, elbow grease, and scraping, i was able to reveal this underneath... funny, because we had all thought that it was a coca cola machine! haha. i had to scrape it down because the surface was uneven, and really gloppy in some areas... those who know me know that i do not like to half-ass things like this. also, i didn't want to take the time to spray paint it all and then have it chip because the under layer was too thick!! it was tricky indeed, because the surface was plastic, i couldn't use the traditional and ever so handy turpentine on it, i had to get some graffiti remover crap that was safe on plastic.

ooooooh.... voila... so beautiful, and solid gold!! it is just indoor/outdoor gold flecked paint, by rustoleum.. soooo gorgeous. of course, i sealed over it with an outdoor, glossy sealer, to prevent the weather beating that it will surely get.

black, self adhesive vinyl, and crown die cut thanks to my ever so wonderful cricut machine, and the indie accents cartridge!!!

love love love to doodle... but it is so hard for me to stop!! i had to put my own touch on things, so that the next assistant will know that they have a reputation to live up to!! haha..

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