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Monday, August 16, 2010

four simple goals

one of my favorite bloggers, elsie flannigan ( posted this challenge on her blog a few days ago. i have never participated in any little challenges before, so i thought that it would be a little bit fun, and good for me to do. the idea is to pick four small goals, and blog your progess with them. not to focus on the end result. focusing on smaller goals sure seems more rewarding, and will get you there in time :) here goes...
1. build a clientele.

starting out as a hairdresser is incredibly hard, especially in this day and age, with the economy as it is, and there are just so many of us out there. i have been given a great opportunity, a perfect environment to do it in, and a good little bit of talent. so i will work on building my clientele, one client at a time, handing out one card at a time.

here is a little something to sweeten the deal, so pass it around! i am offering first time clients a free haircut with a color service, oooh that is a $45 value! also, i am going to do a referral/rewards program... for every 3 clients that a client refers to me, they will get a free haircut. good way to start out, i think :)

2. take a picture every day

a picture a day could be really fun, i think. it will be a good way for me to bone up on my photography/photo editing skills. plus, give a juicy little interest to my blog, as well as let people get to know me by seeing a little bit more of my day to day, and the things that bring me joy

3. do something creative, on the daily.

right now, this shouldn't be too hard to accomplish. seen here, is the scrapbook project that i am working on. i have been pretty enthralled in this lately, and i need to finish it up soon. will share bits and pieces of it when it is all done, it is pretty deeply personal though hahaha...

i have so many creative hobbies, that it makes it hard for me to pick which one to pull out and do. i sew, i knit, i crochet, i scrapbook, i paint, i draw... so so many things. but i want to keep my brain ticking and challenge myself to do something creatively every day, whether it be doing a fun make-up application on a client, or just doodling a little picture

4. clean up my messes

probably one of the most important.... especially if i am going to be doing something creative every single day!! i moved back in with my parents this year, and my room is almost completely taken over by all of my craft supplies. the pack rat gene runs in my family though, i cannot stand to get rid of things!! it wouldn't be so bad if i would put things away after i am done with them. seen here is my pile of stuff that i pulled out for my current scrapbook project... i've been pretty good about getting it back into this contained pile after i finish my work on it each time, but sometimes i leave it strewn about.

so there you have it. now just to continue blogging about my progess with these things!! should be interesting, no?


Pro Stylist Kylie said...

i love this post it makes me think of a book i just read called the happiness project

mary dangerous said...

ooh.. if you still have that book i would love to borrow it!

Pro Stylist Kylie said...

i definitely still have it ... i dont get rid of books, im like a friggin library, lol .... so if you check it out make sure you dont return it late cause there WILL be late fee's, lol