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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my year in phone photos (part one)

well obviously, it has been a while again. my first post of the year, ha!! it has been such a busy year so far and i can't believe that half of it has already flown on by!!! i just don't take the time to sit down and do this, although i really need to if i am going to get anywhere! i just tend to forget because i upload most of my photos to facebook anyhow. also, ever since i got a smartphone with an awesome camera in it, i barely even pull my regular point and shoot camera out of my purse anymore!! well, here goes..

it has been a year full of...sweet scrapbooking

cheeseburger eating

friend time at the salon (kristen's 30th bday)

tattoo getting (by asian john at sub culture tattoo in santa rosa)

lots and lots of coffee from those jokesters at flying goat

pink hair, and purse buying... purse from lux de ville! (ps i am still using this one months later, usually i get bored and switch it up! its perfect!)

fimo playing...

...and painting!

chuck goofin

and... birthday.. err.. boobday cake eating??

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