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Saturday, August 7, 2010

lazy saturday

today is my day off. that one, precious day off that i get during the week. started it out this morning taking one of my fuzzy babies, tj hooker, to the vet. just for his routine check-up/shots, etc. he is good and healthy, aw my sweet little boy. i'm ready to go mommy.

spent a couple of hours arranging my make-up case, yeahhhhh i am a nerd, and yeahhh i have a ton. occupational hazard. i have had the case for a while and was waiting around to get it painted up all custom, but that didn't end up happening, so i said screw it i am goin to get everything set up. i don't think it looked very professional with it all pouring out of a 1980's seafoam green plastic caboodle, and strewn about multiple random makeup bags. i was thinking that this case would be big enough for my collection, and it is for now... but if i get too much more it is going to be a lot harder to organize, i need some overflow room.

and yes, i am a professional make-up artist. but, i hate, hate, hate pallettes. i am super ocd and i don't like it when the fallout from the eyeshadow gets all over the place, and mixes in with each other, ugh. it is kind of like undesireable foods touching each other on a plate, to me. doooooon't like it one bit.

all clean and organized and ready to do the job!!

probably one of the cutest, most adorable things that i have ever done. just sayin. i am probably the cutest girl in the entire world. hahahaha..... they were goooood too. but these ones were special, because i do not like hot fruit inside of my pancakes, yuck.

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